Speaker Date Topic
Andres Holliday Dec 16, 2022 12:00 AM
Social Media and How it Works

I worked in Boerne for 3 years, helping local business owners reach their highest potential and even today have clients located there.  I have always loved Boerne!

Now as I’m growing my business I would love to bring some value to your group!!

I would like to present your group our well known social media strategy presentation. We will go over

-social media: what works and what doesn’t  

-video production: how to use it to your advantage 

- digital advertising: how to turn $100 into $1000

We also provide free booklets with top social media strategies, hashtags, and provide free headshots to everyone at the event! 

Gem Munro Jan 27, 2023 12:00 AM
Amarok Society, a Canadian non-profit

Gem Munro has devoted his life and career to improving educational opportunities for disadvantaged people across Canada and abroad.

Pursuit of this objective carried him into residence in unfortunate communities across most of Canada, before carrying him overseas.

He is presently a Director of Amarok Society, a registered Canadian charity that provides education programmes to the very poor in Bangladesh. As well, Gem is a bestselling author and artist whose new book, And Where the Wind Spun Them, follows the epic adventures of a resourceful girl and her courageous little brother who struggle, by wit and grit, to overcome the perils and extreme disadvantages of their lives. (Sale of his books is a major fundraiser for Amarok Society.) For their work, Gem and his wife, Dr Tanyss Munro, were recipients of Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medals.